Find all the resources you need to help you green your home, school, workplace or community. Resources include:

  • Building Energy Codes - Find out more about building energy codes.
  • Georgia Energy Code Resources - Find resources to help inspect for and comply with the Georgia Energy Code
  • Commissioning – Learn more about the benefits of commissioning and retro-commissioning.
  • Cost of Green Buildings – Find information about the expected costs of green building and its long-term financial benefits.
  • Financial Incentives – Find information on tax incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Green Building Certifications – Learn more about the different green building certifications available for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Green Building Guides and Manuals – View resources outlining the guidelines and best practices for green building design and construction.
  • Green Home Resources – Find out more about how to save energy, water and resources in a home or apartment.
  • Green Schools Resources – Find out how to green school buildings and operations.
  • Outdoor Water Efficiency Resources – Learn how you can conserve irrigation water.
  • Radon – Read about how to test your home for radon, what to do if your home has radon, and how to prevent radon from entering a new home.
  • Solar – Find out about passive solar, solar electric, and solar thermal systems and technologies, their costs, paybacks, and maintenance, and exemplary case studies. 
  • Southface Journal of Sustainable Building – Read this quarterly publication to learn more about Southface and sustainable building practices in the Southeast.
  • White Papers – Read about solutions to ongoing environmental issues in policy, energy, water and the built environment from Southface and our partners.  
  • Southface Factsheets - Learn best practices in building desisouthface-factsheets/southface-factsheetsgn, construction and retrofitting in this series of factsheets, developed with support from Georgia Environmental Finance Authority and the South Carolina Energy Office between 1997 and 2002. 
  • DOE Factsheets - These bulletins, which provide guidance on energy-efficient building, were developed for the Department of Energy, Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs between 1997 and 2002.
  • Energy-Saving Tips - Developed by Madison Gas and Electric.
  • GEFA Energy Tips - Information for homeowners who want to cut energy use and utility bills.