BIT Building: Operate Smarter

BIT Building is Southface’s facility management, maintenance, and operations program that equips building operators to reduce energy, water, and waste consumption. BIT provides verifiable recognition for building ops improvements via 3rd-party certification, and it works for all existing buildings and tenant-controlled spaces (except single-family residential) regardless of the building’s age or current level of performance. 


BIT Building’s 16 Best Practices for Sustainable Operations & Maintenance were established as a simple, cost-effective, and holistic set of industry standards that, when implemented, result directly in performance improvements for facility operations. Schedule a live demo now!


Participating Companies

Cumulative Impact

24.5 million
kBTUs energy saved
959,000 gallons
water saved
in utility savings
228,000 lbs
of waste diverted
842 metric tons
CO2 emissions reduced
16 countries & 25 cities
with BIT Certified properties

Start Your Path to Operational Sustainability Today! 

Priced to be straightforward and affordable for all participants, BIT Building charges a flat, participation fee for each project enrolled in the program.* Paid at the time of project registration, the participation fee includes program enrollment with access to BIT’s tools and resources and certification review.

Corporations and Businesses $1,500 per project
Nonprofit Organizations $1,200 per project
*Campus and volume discounts available.
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