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Southface Energy Rated Homes (SERH) is a leading RESNET-accredited Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Quality Assurance Provider that delivers best-in-class quality assurance, intuitive HERS credential management and innovative software solutions to enable your rating business’s growth. The SERH team is a leader in energy-efficient residential construction in the Southeast, with over 94 years of combined energy modeling and quality assurance experience and has grown to be one of the largest independent HERS Rater Providerships in the country.

SERH provides HERS Raters:

✔ Access to industry-leading green building programs and best-in-class energy modeling software

✔ Resources focused on you and helping our Rating business grow

✔ Assistance from Southface technical experts

✔ Means to support the Southface mission and join an exciting community of green building professionals.

SERH is proud to make the following commitments:

✔ Speed, service and responsiveness

✔ Prompt turn-around for Rating registrations and reporting

✔ Fast and reliable responses to your technical questions

✔ Quality Assurance review of HERS and ENERGY STAR certifications

✔ Technical consultations upon request

✔ Support, review and approval of Sampled ratings

✔ An industry-leading reputation for professionalism and education

We are now accepting membership application for new and existing HERS Raters.

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Easy Tracking of Your Certifications All in One Place

qual-ee is Southface Energy Rated Homes’ credential management service. Use qual-ee to obtain real-time insights on your qualification, gain access to useful tools to conduct better HERS Ratings, easily manage your credential and testing equipment requirements, and connect with SERH staff.

Become a Certified Home Energy Rater

Southface offers HERS Rater Trainings online with live instruction from our expert trainers! The online, instructor-led training puts you face-to-face with industry experts to help you master challenging content and become a certified HERS Rater.

Equipment Rental

Diagnostic testing for buildings is important for analyzing and projecting building performance, meeting third-party verified green building certifications and improving the comfort and efficiency of homes and workplaces. Southface offers an affordable rental option for your equipment needs. All rental kits include blower door and dust blaster equipment, the necessary equipment needed to complete airflow testing on buildings and HVAC distribution systems.

Equipment Calibration Field Checks

Southface offers field calibration checks on blower door and duct leakage testing equipment manufactured by The Energy Conservatory.

Commonly Asked Questions

What energy modeling software do you offer?

SERH was an early adopter of Ekotrope and provides Ekotrope to member HERS Raters today. Ekotrope’s cloud-based platform and integration capabilities enable SERH to deliver excellent customer service and technical support to member HERS Raters.

What geographies do you cover?

SERH primarily covers the Southeast and mid-Atlantic from Texas to Maryland, though we can support Raters in any state with our virtual QA options.

Do you offer live and virtual QA options?


How long does it typically take to register a Rating after it has been submitted for QA?

Most Ratings are registered the same day they are submitted for QA. For Ratings set aside for File QA, most are registered within three days of the Rater providing complete File QA documentation.

Do you offer Probationary Ratings?

Yes, in fact we have a Probationary Ratings Package available for Raters who cannot join the SERH Providership. Contact us for more details.

What beyond code programs do you support?

SERH supports ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS, WaterSense, HERSH20 and DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Homes programs.

How many QADs do you have?

Five. This enables us to stay on top of industry changes and provide fast, responsive and high-quality service.

How do I become a HERS Rater?

Southface can support you through any step on your HERS journey. More info about the journey to becoming a HERS Rater can be found here.

Can I get a HERS Rating for my home?

Yes! If you or your client are looking to improve the energy efficiency of a home or benchmark a home’s performance against others, having a home assessment is a great place to start. A HERS Rater can evaluate your home’s energy performance and provide solutions for lowering usage. Find a HERS Rater in your area here.

Can I use a HERS Rating during the purchase or sale of a home?

Energy Efficient Mortgages are growing in popularity. FreddieMac introduced the GreenCHOICE Mortgage® to recognize the value of energy upgrades to a home. HERS Ratings are a crucial component in valuing improvements. Check out more here.

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