Our Impact

Southface works to ensure the built environment exists in harmony with the natural environment and advances equity, helping communities thrive. Our programs are designed to support resilience, human well-being and economic potential, all while reducing climate pollution and nurturing a thriving natural world.

To create a better tomorrow, we aim our solutions at sectors of the built environment that are most important to realizing a more equitable future.


  • Ensures that efficient, healthy housing is attainable and affordable for all
  • Helps nonprofit organizations build capacity while reducing their environmental footprint
  • Partners with organizations, businesses and cities of all sizes to craft visions for their own regenerative futures
  • Trains the green workforce that can both benefit from and enable this future while advancing the thinking around key sustainability issues that will determine our path

Together, this work advances our vision for a regenerative future—one that aligns the needs of people, planet and the economy to enhance opportunity for all three.

Our Impacts


Affordable housing, research and utility assistance for the residential market


Green building services, maintenance & operations and training for the commercial market


Certification, design and planning for community development

We invite you to join us as a partner in this work and become a member of the Southface community of practitioners, advocates, thought leaders, and funders that are aligned with and working toward this vision of a regenerative economy.

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