Sustainable Operations and Maintenance

With over 40 years of data-driven expertise, Southface can offer a variety of services that can be customized for your organization, all of them geared towards saving resources, optimizing processes and improving the health of your co-workers and the broader community.

BIT Building

From office buildings and multifamily housing to schools, factories and warehouses, BIT Building™ enables all types of property owners and operators to adopt high-performance, operations and maintenance best practices. BIT Building is a framework of practical and effective strategies that building operators can implement within their own budgets and schedules.

Sustainable Sourcing

Southface can help your organization develop a comprehensive diagnostic of the key areas of life cycle environmental impacts across your supply chain. Armed with baseline data, Southface can help your organization engage across your supply chain to develop business cases, strategies, guidance and governance for reducing impacts and communicating the societal benefits of a greener supply chain.

Waste Diversion

Zero-waste and circular economic approaches are truly sustainable choices for your organization and emphasize reuse and recovery over disposal, converting what has traditionally been considered waste into new products and resource-efficient packaging. Promoting these holistic approaches to waste diversion, Southface Institute can help your business achieve its zero-waste and circular economy goals while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint and supporting a healthy environment.

Sustainability Action Plans

Instituting an organization’s social, economic and environmental goals requires thoughtful planning and implementation. Southface’s subject matter experts can partner with you to shape priority sustainability initiatives and support successful implementation and delivery to achieve and perpetuate those goals.

Alternative Transportation

Clean Cities – Georgia & Southface Institute

Southface Institute is now home to Clean Cities – Georgia, an initiative funded by the Department of Energy that promotes alternative fuel usage, energy-efficient mobility systems and other fuel-saving technologies and practices. Southface will serve as co-coordinator and project manager of the coalition’s projects and priorities.

About Clean Cities:
As part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO), Clean Cities coalitions foster the nation’s economic, environmental and energy security by working locally to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels, energy-efficient mobility systems and other fuel-saving technologies and practices. Since Clean Cities coalitions began in 1993, 8 billion gallons of gas have been diverted in the United States through the implementation of diverse transportation projects.

Clean Cities-Georgia Can Help Your Team:

  • Learn about new and upcoming funding opportunities to convert to alternative fuels and technologies
  • Stay in the know regarding alternative fuel developments in the state of Georgia
  • Employ idle reduction and fuel economy strategies for your fleet, school, community and organization



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Atlanta Beltline, Inc. Sustainability Action Plan

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