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More than 25 years ago, Florida House was the first green building open to the public in the United States. Since then we have been advancing an ethos for sustainable practices on behalf of energy and water conservation, recycling and landscape design. In 2021, Florida House Institute became a subsidiary of Southface Institute, a leading innovator in sustainability work for research, advocacy, workforce development training and nonprofit grants. Today, this new partnership anchors our work with communities along Florida’s Gulf Coast, and the two organizations are now Southface Sarasota— your voice for a sustainable Florida.

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The Grounds

Florida House

The Florida House is a water-and-energy conserving demonstration house that integrates scientific principles and sustainable living practices as a part of the foundation of our facility in Sarasota. Through our community partnerships, the Florida House demonstrates energy efficient technologies from high performance, all LED lighting, foam insulation and solar panels that power everything from the AC to the water heater.

The Garden

Our facility also showcases landscape development focused on three areas: watershed balance, food supply and biodiversity. Stormwater is retained on-site through a combination of infiltration, pervious pavers and rain water cisterns. The lush gardens serve as an educational tour with many edible and native ecosystem-crucial plants among our collection.

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