Program Process

With a robust suite of virtual facility management tools, building operators are guided through an Assess-Plan-Implement process aligned to each of BIT Building’s 16 Best Practices. Maintenance managers can quickly build the digital infrastructure needed for continuous quality improvement and long-term operational success. 

Whether you’re a sustainability officer or sustainability director charged with leading ESG initiatives, a facility manager or property manager with a large portfolio of buildings or office spaces, a franchise owner looking to operate more efficiently but lacking the right tools, or a professional that offers green building certification consulting services, BIT Building can help you operate smarter. 


The ultimate objective of BIT Building is for facilities to improve from their own baseline. The first tier of BIT Building certification is achieved when all 16 Best Practices for Sustainable Operations & Maintenance are implemented. Three additional tiers of certification recognize 10%, 20%, and 30% improvements in energy, water, and waste metrics relative to the project’s baseline.