Program Process

  1. Application

    Interested nonprofits must complete the eligibility survey and application in order to be considered for the program. Providing Southface with organizational background and building information allows us to understand your facility and provide in-house resources that fit your needs most effectively. Third-party reviewers will be sourced at this stage to help us identify which nonprofits will receive facility upgrades, based on each applications impact, need, and mission. Before moving on to the next step, Southface engineers will assist you with tracking your energy and water use through Energy Star Portfolio Manager

  2. Onsite Facilities Assessment

    Southface engineers execute a building assessment through the lens of a building scientist. During the onsite assessment, engineers collect measurements around building envelope, water and electricity use, mechanical systems, plumbing systems and more to identify low cost, high win recommendations for upgrades to your facility.

  3. Implementation

    Once the onsite facility assessment and benchmarking phases are complete, your organization will receive a customized assessment report that includes suggestions for facility upgrades. Your organization will select from a list of projects to pursue grant funding. Once a project is selected, Southface partners with your organization on bid selection, project management and implementation. Your organization will have a 12 month period in which to complete project implementation.

  4. Data Collection and Final Inspection

    Once project implementation is complete, Southface engineers will complete a final onsite assessment of your facility to ensure proper installation and performance of the recommended projects. Finally, focusing on long-term impact, Southface collaborates with your organization to continually measure success after project implementation. Nurturing these partnerships means sustainable results for the communities nonprofits serve.


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