GoodUse FAQs

  1. What are the GoodUse eligibility requirements?
    In order to be eligible for a GoodUse grant, organizations must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Must be a 501c3 nonprofit organization
    • We work nationally, but some restrictions may apply. Check your eligibility by taking our survey.
    • Must own building, or have a long-term lease of at least 5 years.
    • If the organization is religious, the organization is only eligible if 25% or less of their space is dedicated to religious activities. Religious organizations must also offer non-religious programs to all.
  2. Is there a match requirement for GoodUse grants?
    Yes, there is a match requirement for GoodUse grants. The match requirement is determined based on the organization’s annual operating budget shown in the breakdown below:

    • Organizations with an annual operating budget below $1 million are eligible for a grant award from Southface capped at $40,000 with a 2:1 match from the organization (a total project up to $60,000).
    • Organizations with an annual operating budget at or above $1 million are eligible for a grant award from Southface capped at $75,000 with a 1:1 match from the organization (a total project up to $150,000).
  3. What are the guidelines for an organization who is applying for funding for a new construction?
    Southface will fund the incremental cost of the energy or water efficiency project upgrade. Southface defines this as the difference in price between the desired above-code project and a code-minimum equivalent project. For example, difference between LED lighting vs fluorescent lighting, or 16 SEER A/C vs 14 SEER A/C. The grant match can be funded by either cash, in-kind donation, or the cash value of other planned energy or water efficiency upgrades. For example, if a building design includes LED lighting upon application, the difference in cost between that system and an equivalent code-minimum lighting system could be applied towards the required match
    amount.In order to be eligible for this grant, the new construction project must have completed design plans that are either pre-bid or are still able to be changed and re-bid. An applicant who has already broken ground will not be eligible for this grant, unless they are still able to make design changes.
  4. Do I need to complete all projects recommended by Southface at one time?
    No, organizations work directly with Southface engineers to come up with a project phasing plan that works best for them. Organizations are able to “phase” projects, meaning take on projects over multiple rounds of funding. Once an organization has completed up to 75% of the project work for the first phase of projects, they are eligible to reapply for funding to complete any additional projects. This allows organizations more time to secure match funding.
  5. What ways can my organization meet the matching requirement?
    Organizations can meet the match requirement in the following ways:

    • Funds provided by funders or donors
    • In-house labor
    • Materials or Equipment donation
    • Services donated by a third party
    • Fundraising
    • Endowment or Capital Campaign
  6. How long does my organization have to complete project implementation?
    Organizations are given 12 months after signing the grant agreement to complete project implementation.
  7. What is required of my organization after implementation?
    Prior to receiving an on-site facilities assessment, organizations are required to set up an Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) Account (instructions included in grant award announcement). Organizations are then required to benchmark data in ESPM during implementation, and for 24 months post implementation. This requirement will likely only take between 5-10 minutes per month.
  8. Can I apply for funding for a project that has already been implemented?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide retroactive funding for projects that have been previously implemented either prior to applying or prior to signing a grant agreement with Southface. If your organization is awarded a grant, projects funded by the grant are only to be implemented after your organization has completed the bid approval process with your assigned Southface engineer and executed a grant agreement. If you have questions about specific projects, please reach out to

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