Tiny Houses Coming to Atlanta?


Tiny Houses are seeing strong progress in Atlanta.

Current code and zoning ordinances make Tiny Houses throughout most of the city either fully illegal or not feasible. Southface has worked closely with the City of Atlanta Office of Planning and Community Development on a Tiny House feasibility study, examining the policy barriers and code obstacles to micro-housing and Tiny House construction. Supported by Tiny House Atlanta, the nation’s largest meetup group for Tiny House enthusiasts, political will is building to incorporate Tiny House solutions across the city.

Recently, the movement has received positive press from both WABE and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. A new ordinance to allow Tiny Houses to become part of the built environment in Atlanta has been sponsored by Kwanza Hall, and is being brought to the 25 Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) around they city for feedback. If you are interested in Tiny Houses as a housing option, and diversifying housing choice in the city, find your next NPU meeting to engage on the issue!

Read the full story on Kwanza Hall’s new legislation from WABE and in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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