Big Prospects for Small Spaces

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If you watch HGTV, you might think the entire country is considering a move to a tiny house. From Tiny House, Big Living to Tiny House Builders to Tiny Luxury, you can’t turn on the channel without seeing a tiny house show. But are tiny homes the abode of the future, or are they a passing fad? And what about here in Georgia? Have tiny houses taken hold?

The answer is, not yet – but they may be on the way in, thanks to recent changes in laws and building codes that may allow tiny homes on foundations in the state. But tiny houses are more than small homes – there’s a whole movement around them that’s gathering steam. So, here’s a look at the movement – what it is, who’s living tiny, who’s building them, who’s trying to make them more readily available – and even more importantly, why.

This article appears in the August 2017 issue of Georgia Trend. Read the full article here

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