Roundtable: The Ted and Community Redevelopment


SART feb 2016-10

Summerhill, Mechanicsville and the Ted: A Long History and an Uncertain Future

Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable from February 5, 2016

Panelists: Leon Eplan, President, Urban Mobility Consult, LLC and Columbus Ward, Community Activist in Peoplestown
Moderator: Bill Torpy, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In a recent article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bill Torpy featured his extended interview with Southface board member Leon Eplan. Eplan has been involved in the planning and design of Atlanta, sharing many success and frustrations of the region, since the early 1960s. Torpy’s article highlighted the plight of the Summerhill community and others around Turner Field, and Eplan readily admits his role in that troubled history. Now the city has a chance to redevelop the same area again, and Eplan sees a major opportunity to do right by a community that was marginalized generations ago. Today, members of that same community– represented here by Columbus Ward, have come together to voice the priorities and concerns of their neighbors to stakeholders in the development deal.


Historical Background from Leon Eplan

Roundtable discussion from moderator and panelists

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