Meet a Southfacer: Kelly Herman

How did you first hear about Southface, and what attracted you to the organization?
I first learned about Southface at the Next South Conference in Atlanta. As a college senior, the sustainability program at Auburn University suggested that I attend Next South to get a better understanding of the opportunities out there because I was graduating in a few months. What initially attracted me to the organization was the mission-focused projects and programs that Southface is devoted to.

Why is equity, sustainability and resilience important to you?
As a California native, I’ve seen firsthand that aspects of sustainability in the built environment can be implemented through our buildings and through our cities. My hope is that the Southeast can continue to follow the lead of the west coast, and I think Atlanta is in its prime to keep its efforts and focus on equity, sustainability and resilience in the city. 

What project are you working on right now, and what excites you most about it?
I am currently preparing for the ABBC’s Annual Recognition event that is held in the summer. This is one of my favorite events, due to the sheer excitement and enthusiasm that the participants show towards it. The ABBC is so successful because of the participants and their hard work that they dedicate towards the universal goal. It’s imperative to be able to recognize our participants and partners for the amazing work that they do every day for the program.

What’s one thing you’ve learned at Southface that you weren’t aware of before?
Southface has taught me many things—but one that sticks out in my mind is the basic understanding of building science. As an intern I worked at Southface’s SWEET training center, and I was exposed to the fundamentals of how a building should operate and the relation between heat, moisture and air movement.

Tell us about your favorite outdoor adventure. 
My favorite outdoor adventure would have to be a hike I was able to go on while in the Norwegian Fjords. It was a 22-km hike that started with climbing a mountain via an old funicular track. Once we were at peak elevation, we hiked 11 miles into a rock called “Trolltunga” that jutted out over the water, about a mile above sea level. It’s one of the most breathtaking places I’ve been to in my life and a scenery that I will never forget!

What do you enjoy most about working at Southface?
The impact that we are making on people’s lives is something that will never cease to amaze me. Knowing that we have a positive effect on people and their quality of life is something that gives me motivation every day.



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