Telling A Different Story: Sustainability As A Means To Increase Mission-Driven Capacity And Strengthen Communities


How does a building energy audit feed hungry people? Serve at-risk youth? Grow an arts program? Believe it or not, this isn’t a nonsequitur – it’s a demonstrated fact. Nonprofits are excellent targets for energy and water efficiency upgrades in their facilities as they are under pressure to reduce expenses and often occupy inefficient buildings that needlessly waste resources.

Through Grants to Green and the Nonprofit Energy and Water Efficiency (NEWE) Initiative, nonprofits are able to free resources of revenue and time and redirect them to their core mission. By reimagining nonprofit facilities, we can transform lives and measure the impacts of sustainability in new and exciting ways.

Grants to Green

The Grants to Green story began when The Kendeda Fund approached leadership of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (CFGA) in 2007 with an idea. The Kendeda Fund wished to initiate a grant-making program that would transform the nonprofit sector by encouraging nonprofits to renovate or build healthier workplaces that are energy, water and resource efficient. The ultimate goal was to improve a nonprofit organization’s facility in order to reduce annual utility costs so that those dollars could be redirected to mission critical activities.

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