Tim Echols

Tim Echols got solar in 2010, and an EV in 2013. He has been urging Georgians to use clean energy since the day he arrived on the PSC almost 12 years ago. He created the Clean Energy Roadshow in 2011 traveling the state with a band of alt fuel enthusiasts each summer since then. He rented a train and called it the Solar Express. In 2013, Tim was the third vote that jumpstarted utility scale solar in Georgia. Tim started the EV Braintrust that meets quarterly to advance electric vehicles. With the encouragement of Southface President James Marlow, Tim created the 2019 net metering program, which he hopes to grow during this year’s rate case in December. And he even has a weekly radio show called “Energy Matters” that is approaching 200 episodes. Tim has been a clean energy and innovation champion and Southface is proud to call him a friend.