Regional Transit Hopes Turn To Local Expansion Options


This article originally appeared in the Saporta Report Thought Leaders section in May, 2016.

Southface and the other contributors to the Sustainable Communities Thought Leaders Column, ANDP and ULI, are members of the TransFormation Alliance(TFA). The TFA is a broad partnership of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors dedicated to creating thriving mixed-income communities anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make Atlanta great. Over the next few months, Southface and other partners in the TFA will focus coverage on developments in transit planning, specifically an upcoming ballot referendum. If approved by the City Council to be included on the ballot November 8th, Atlantans will have the opportunity to vote on a half-penny sales tax increase to fund transit projects.
MARTA rail station mapUntil that time the TFA will provide information about public engagement opportunities, recommendations on the project list and more. Last week, two events kicked off important conversations that will shape the development of the project list and priorities for this important funding opportunity. Southface and TFA were well represented and worked to encourage regional transit leaders to consider equity in the development of these plans…

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