Imery Group Home Receives DOE Housing Innovation Award

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Advances in technology and the commodification of household amenities have begun to blend the concepts of “modern architecture” and “green building” together. For EarthCraft Builder Luis Imery, of Imery Group, design and construction are two components that are integral to the success of a project. Much of Imery’s focus has been on a holistic approach to green construction. His attention to system-based design result in finished homes centered on quality, durability, health and affordability.

“Imery Group believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to own the healthiest, most comfortable, durable and efficient home that one can afford,” said Luis. “Buying a house is the largest investment that most people make in their life, so buying a healthy, durable and efficient home is a matter of how can I afford not to.”

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Housing Innovation Awards recognize the nation’s top builders “taking housing to the next level” through its Zero Energy Ready Home program, and the Chamblee, Ga EarthCraft home built by Imery Group was selected as a 2017 winner in the Innovation in Custom Homes (Buyers) category.

According to the DOE, homes receive this award by meeting the rigorous technical requirements of DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. Homes earning this recognition are so energy efficient that they are able to produce as much energy as they use with a small, renewable energy system, such as solar, and offer better indoor air quality and long-term durability.

The family sought out Imery Group not for their expertise as a healthy, durable efficient and comfortable custom home builder, but because Imery Group knows how to build modern and contemporary homes. Luis says in his first interview with the Bryant’s, the very first thing that came out of their mouths was, let’s focus on the style and looks of the house rather than green stuff. Like many consumers, they were under the impression that green homes cost more. Needless to say, after their home was completed, they became Imery Group’s biggest green fans.

Through the different phases of construction, Luis presented the Bryant’s with “good, better and best” options for the home. What determined this tier based approached was the immediate benefit that those selections could have to their health, utility bill and long term maintenance.

Luis says, “We were extremely satisfied as a company because we were able to take a non-green, non-certified home to an EarthCraft house without affecting the bottom line budget.”

This modern high performance home is the first DOE Zero Energy Ready home in Chamblee, Ga, and it was recently nominated for an award at this year’s EarthCraft Celebration of Excellence.

For the complete list of Housing Innovation Award winners click here, and visit for more information about Imery Group and Luis Imery.

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