Stephen Ward

Program Manager, BIT Building; Facility Manager
LEED AP O+M, LEED AP BD+C, SITES AP, TRUE Advisor, SFP, BIT Pro  A California Bay Area native living in Atlanta with a passion for the environment, Stephen always looks to inspire others to reduce their environmental footprint through demonstration, education, and collaboration. With over 15 years’ of demonstrated success in developing and implementing programs, systems, and processes, Stephen takes a unique and holistic approach to continually streamline operations and increase organizational value through the lens of sustainable operations.  Stephen serves as the program manager to Southface’s sustainable operations and maintenance green building certification program where building owners, operators, and tenants are provided with the guidance to improve operations, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals while also providing recognition for those achievements. Stephen is also charged with maintaining Southface’s best-in-class demonstration building and surrounding campus that showcases over 100 off-the-shelf sustainable technologies and design techniques.  Stephen is currently a LEED Accredited Professional in sustainable operations and maintenance (AP O+M), sustainable building design and construction (AP BD+C), sustainable landscape and design (SITES AP), a TRUE Advisor in zero waste, and a certified sustainable facility professional (SFP) through IFMA. Stephen also holds a Bachelor of Music in Double Bass from The Juilliard School and enjoys leading the double bass section of the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra.