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Southface’s origins are rooted in community activism. What started as a group of volunteers organizing SUN DAY on May 3, 1978, has grown into an institution dedicated to our collective vision of vision a healthy environment for us all, achieved and sustained by innovation and equity in the communities we build together. Whether a technical expert, an administrator, or an Emerging Leader, your commitment to a sustainable future brought you to Southface – and today, it is our pleasure to welcome you back to our community as a Southface Alumni. 

The 1978 Society

A supporting network of Southface alumni providing you with opportunities to stay in touch, network with fellow alumni, and find new opportunities and continue contributing to — and benefitting from — the rich legacy and sustainable future you helped build (literally and figuratively). With an annual commitment of $19.78, members of the 1978 Society are invited to participate in networking events, and more! 

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