Live, Work and Play the EarthCraft Way: Emory Point Receives Three EarthCraft Designations

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Southface announces the first project in the nation to achieve three EarthCraft certifications: Communities, Light Commercial and Multifamily. Southface worked on the  Emory Point development with Gables Residential and Gilbane Building Company.

Emory Point is a mixed-use development of shops and 750 luxury homes. The project opened to the public in December 2015, and Southface is pleased to add these three EarthCraft certifications to the inspiring portfolio of development awards that Emory Point has already received.

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“At Gilbane, we are excited to see Emory Point earn EarthCraft certification for a low-rise multifamily project,” said Michael Brown, Gilbane Building Company Senior Vice President. “Throughout construction, our team put a tremendous priority on sustainability, such as using energy efficient alternatives for lighting, high efficiency air conditioning and providing for improved indoor air quality.”  EarthCraft Multifamily utilizes a HERS rating system, a points-based program worksheet and diagnostic testing to verify that each project complies with program standards.

“We are proud to be the first project to receive the EarthCraft Communities, Light Commercial and Multifamily certifications,” said Joe Wilber, Gables Residential Senior Vice President Investments – East. “Working in conjunction with Southface, we have successfully brought to life a community that allows our residents to enjoy reduced utility bills due to environmentally conscious building practices. It also provides our residents with a comfortable living environment while participating in effective sustainability practices.”

Emory Point Media SmallThe development is equipped with numerous features that create a walkable, healthy and resilient community.  “What people don’t understand about transportation is that it’s not the commute,” said Robert Reed, Director of Residential and Community Sustainability Services at Southface. “Transportation in Atlanta isn’t just the one- to two-hour commute. When you live where you work, that drastically cuts down on carbon emissions, but if you have all your daily needs in your building, that reduces infrastructure demand. The carbon emissions will start to decline, your quality of life increases and that will lead to healthier communities. The EarthCraft programs help communities achieve these benefits.”

In addition to its community plan and design, Emory Point prioritizes health and well-being in other ways—from the low-VOC paints to the formaldehyde-free insulation made of 25 percent recycled content. More than 90 percent of construction waste was recycled, and for residents, community recycling is also in place—all aluminum, plastic, paper, glass and cardboard is recycled. Emory Point has an irrigation system that was designed by a WaterSense Professional; on-site cisterns are projected to collect 124,534 gallons of rainwater annually, to serve the development’s 45,637-gallon landscaping needs—leaving a surplus of 36 percent, which can be diverted for extra non-potable water supply.

EarthCraft is a green building certification program designed to address climate, energy and water issues unique to the southeastern United States. EarthCraft serves as a blueprint for resource-efficient single-family homes, multifamily structures, renovation projects, community developments and light-commercial buildings. Founded by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface in 1999, the EarthCraft program has certified more than 40,000 projects throughout the Southeast. Learn more at

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