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Southface Fund

Your support of The Southface Fund enables Southface to launch and carry out important initiatives in several areas; bold programs that are not possible without the forward-thinking and generosity of our donors.


In our work, we see “gaps” in the marketplace. Southface develops programs and tools to fill these gaps that in turn, support business and advance sustainability with greater speed and efficiency.


Southface has consistently played a leadership role in the region’s progress toward a sustainable future, providing expertise to business, government, nonprofit and educational institutions.


Southface has a three-decade-long history of sound financial stewardship, managing private, foundation and government funds.

Ways to Give

Southface Fund donors receive recognition for their leadership in helping to transform the Southeast’s “built” environment into a clean, healthy and economically vibrant location. Make your tax deductible contribution to The Southface Fund today.

Thank you for your support!