Our Policies



All participants should download and review the Student Handbook and Course Catalog, which contains all relevant policies and procedures.


Refer to page nine of the Student Handbook and Course Catalog.


In order to be making satisfactory academic progress toward a certificate, student must maintain specified grade averages on homework, quizzes and any field skills assessments and proceed through the program at a pace leading to completion in a specified time frame. Satisfactory academic progress will be evaluated at regular intervals during the program. Student must maintain an overall academic grade point average of 70 percent. If a student falls below either criterion listed above, the student is considered failing and is subject to termination. Students have the right to appeal.

The appeal must be submitted in written form within five (5) days of notification and addressed to Southface explaining the extenuating circumstances. The student is advised to provide documentation and is advised that the school may request specific documentation of the reason(s) stated in the student appeal. The final decision is made by the Director.


Students interested in taking a training at Southface can sign up online or contact us directly. Enrollment closes at 12:00 p.m the business day before each training. Successfully enrolled students will receive a confirmation email that contains details about the training, date, location, time and any prerequisite information (if applicable).


Some trainings require online prerequisite modules to be completed before the first day of class. For more specific information, please refer to individual course descriptions.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

To cancel a course registration or request a refund, students should refer to page eight in the Student Handbook and Course Catolog. All cancellation and refund requests should be submitted in writing to courses@southface.org.


While in the classroom or during off-site training, students must conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Behavior that disrupts or interferes with the learning environment, such as using offensive language, causing disturbances, sleeping, and not using Southface equipment appropriately, will not be tolerated. Professional conduct and appropriate appearance and behavior are required of each student regardless of the situation. Students who cannot conduct themselves accordingly will be warned, suspended or dismissed.

Student Rights of Access
Records of students are the sole property of Southface and may not be removed from Southface premises. Students may review their records upon written request. Records will be made available in the office and may not be taken from premises.

Schedule and Holidays

Southface trainings are offered all year round. Please check our calendar for specific dates and times, including our holidays/special event schedules.

Training Confidentiality

Southface employees have the responsibility to comply with the confidentiality rights of all training applicants or students. This includes all information obtained over the course of a training, including but not limited to personal identifiable information and test scores, which shall remain within the organization. Southface reserves the right to use the personal information it collects for organizational mailing lists. This mailing list may be used to inform applicants or students of upcoming events and/or special promotions. Applicants and students have the option of opting out of the mailing list at any time. Regardless of whether an individual has opted out of the mailing list, Southface may contact the individual regarding important information related to an already purchased event. This may include important information such as an event cancellation, postponement, or relocation. It may also include a question related to an order or payment. Southface members may also be contacted regarding annual membership renewals, regardless of whether or not they have chosen to be included on the mailing list.

Southface will not sell or rent personally identifiable information to anyone. Southface may need to send personally identifiable information outside of the organization for reporting purposes, such as for certification (e.g., sending scores to the Building Performance Institute) or for continuing education (e.g., sending student information to American Institute of Architects for credentialing maintenance). Southface may also send personal information to others when required to do so by law. All other requests for student information from outside entities will only be honored if Southface receives consent from the individual. Southface may make changes to this policy. Any changes will be posted.