Emory WaterHub models sustainable technology for region

Greenprints 2015 featured exciting on-site tour sessions during the conference’s second day. The tour of Emory University’s WaterHub was truly one of the most innovative.

The facility processes 400,000 gallons of water a day using a mostly biological, aquaponic-based process that requires very little energy or chemical input. By capturing wastewater from city sewer access points, the facility helps Emory offset its non-potable water footprint in a substantial way.

All that, and it’s a beautiful space too! Check out the video below for more information from Emory Environmental Engineer Brent Zern.



If you’d like the opportunity to tour this facility in person, make sure to register for the May SART, which will take place at the facility and will highlight the elegant, effective technology behind the new site.


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