Steve Curwood Headlines Visionary Dinner

This article was originally published in the SaportaReport Thought Leaders column in September, 2015.

marci authorRecently, Southface staff examined our vision, mission and core values in the context of creating the organization’s next strategic plan. One of the most profound insights we gained from this exercise was the widespread commitment of our staff to the equity aspect of triple bottom line economics. Many on our staff associated Southface’s efforts in the equity arena primarily with affordable housing. It’s true that we have made an impressive impact on healthy, efficient affordable housing, and in fact, a study we are finalizing will put hard numbers behind decades of this work. Over the years, however, Southface has engaged in work promoting equity in many different ways, and we want our staff and constituents to take pride in that.

For example, our work with the TransFormation Alliance, Clean Power Plan, Energy Efficiency for All and the Just Energy Circle places Southface in the middle of powerful equity conversations. This recent focus was part of the inspiration behind inviting Steve Curwood to speak at our upcoming Visionary Dinner.

Read the whole story in the Saporta Report Thought Leaders Section.


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