Southface Refresh: Spotlight on Bosch Appliances

The 2015 Southface Campus refresh was driven by a holistic approach to sustainability in our built environment. It was rooted in evidence-based design around enhancing health and well-being. A survey of Southface employees inspired decisions regarding materials, color selection and needs for flexible workspaces. Validated by third-party research in environmental psychology and biophilic design, the campus refresh has created a built environment that is healthy and efficient, allows occupants to thrive and provided Southface a platform for demonstrating how industry is leading the way.

Bosch picAppliances consume an extraordinary amount of energy. Using energy efficient or ENERGY STAR certified appliances can help homeowners cut utility bills while helping the environment. Southface uses four dishwashers, three refrigerators and a washer and dryer set during the work week. As a demonstration facility, Southface wanted the campus to showcase best-in-class, high efficiency products and our relationship with Bosch allowed us to do just that when we were ready for the campus refresh. Not only is the new technology a great teaching tool, but the appliances are also significantly more efficient. The dishwashers will allow an estimated savings of approximately 512 kWh/year and 1,800 gallons/cycle/year. They are 33 percent more energy efficient and 48 percent more water efficient than the previous dishwashers. Considering we don’t use disposable cups and silverware for our facility rentals, that’s a big savings every year! Our new refrigerators will save an estimated 692 kWh/year; 24 percent more energy efficient than our previous appliances.

“Builders are often asked by customers to create a kitchen that is not only beautifully designed, but also uses minimal resources. At Bosch, our commitment to modern design and creating appliances that exceed energy and water efficiency standards is in our DNA,” said Robert Withers, builder sales manager at Bosch home appliances. “Our lineup of ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers, compact washers and selection of 24-inch and built in refrigerators offer sleek, timeless design, while also reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs.”

A highlight of the Bosch donation is a condensation dryer. Commonly used in Europe, a condensation dryer requires no duct work or vents. How does it work? A condensation dryer utilizes a heat exchanger to extract the moisture from your laundry. After the moisture is collected, it is pumped out. The dryer is compact enough to fit under countertops and can use the same plumbing as the sink to dispose of the water. For Southface, this new dryer should save us approximately 311 kWh/year.

Whether it’s paint, carpet or appliances, Southface features off-the-shelf technology that is accessible to most consumers. Bosch’s generous donation of appliances gives Southface the opportunity to showcase technology that can be used in the home to improve energy efficiency and reduce utilities. Southface is proud to partner with Bosch on this venture and through the company’s grand partner sponsorship of the EarthCraft program.


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