Southface Refresh: Spotlight on ROMA Paints

The 2015 Southface Campus refresh was driven by a holistic approach to sustainability in our built environment. It was rooted in evidence-based design around enhancing health and well-being. A survey of Southface employees inspired decisions regarding materials, color selection and needs for flexible workspaces. Validated by third-party research in environmental psychology and biophilic design, the campus refresh has created a built environment that is healthy and efficient, allows occupants to thrive and provided Southface a platform for demonstrating how industry is leading the way.

amber trevor pinwheelDuring the 2015 Southface refresh, the reception area at Southface was designed to welcome visitors and demonstrate that they had entered the cutting edge of performance and efficiency in the built environment. ROMA paint helped transform our once dull reception area to a livelier space that leaves guests with the impression we want them to have of Southface. Using ROMA’s BioDomus paint, Southface’s Greg Brough expertly painted a wall-sized pinwheel, Southface’s iconic logo, behind the desk.

ROMA is making a name for itself in the paint industry by looking back in order to move forward. By studying ancient paint-making techniques and ingredients, ROMA has a developed a mineral-based formula that doesn’t involve any solvents or toxic chemicals. The paint used inside Southface contains potassium-silicate, for example. Bonnie Casamassima, Project Manager for the Commercial Sustainability Services team at Southface, highlights the advantage of ROMA:

It was great working with ROMA Paints because of their Zero VOCs. ROMA’s unique Mineral-Based paints supported primary campus refresh goals of showcasing and celebrating how the built environment can foster the health and overall wellbeing of the people buildings are designed to support in the first place; while also creating a unified Southface brand between our different buildings.

ROMA became the first paint manufacturer to have interior and exterior paint products Cradle to Cradle Certified™ v3.0. You can read more information about the Cradle to Cradle certification here. ROMA has also achieved a Health Product Declaration, Eurofins Product Testing and Toxicity Verification Report. Details available here.

ROMA has been a corporate member of Southface since 2013 and their co-founder Christopher Hampton spoke on the Toxic Talk 3.0 session at Greenprints in 2015. Southface is proud to have ROMA product in our buildings, adding yet another aspect to a strong relationship.


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