Fulcrum Follow Up: Metro Water District

Last year, in preparation for our annual Greenprints Conference, the leadership team at Southface considered a provocative notion: what if a simple awards program could transform the market and shape the conversation? Through creative thinking and collaboration, we created such a program and debuted the Fulcrum Awards in March. With a call for “Raising Consciousness, Tipping the Balance,” the Fulcrum Awards were designed to recognize people, programs, buildings, movements, organizations and more that demonstrate excellence in pursing Southface’s vision: a regenerative economy, responsible resources use and social equity through a healthy built environment for all.

As we approach the call for nominations for the second annual Fulcrum Awards program, we checked in with inaugural winners. Jurors for the program were: Jane Hayse, retired Director of Center for Livable Communities, Atlanta Regional Commission; Tim Keane, Commissioner of Planning and Community Development, City of Atlanta; Nathaniel Smith, Founder and Chief Equity Officer/CEO, Partnership for Southern Equity; Flor Velarde, Compliance Officer, Invest Atlanta; and Shane Totten, Director, Commercial Sustainability Services, Southface.

Metro Water Districts

Metro Water Districts

The Metro Atlanta Water District’s Water Conservation Plan aimed to integrate strategies for water supply and conservation, wastewater and stormwater into a holistic plan. In addition to the plan’s impact on water use, the jury felt its efforts to increase regional collaboration (the district encompasses 15 counties and 92 cities) around water quality and supply was worthy of praise.

Since the initial adoption of the plans, total water use within the District has decreased by more than 10 percent while the population has increased by more than one million people. That’s an incredible amount of water savings! When you look at it on a per capita basis, the decline is even more pronounced: a more than 30 percent decrease in per capita consumption. The Metro Atlanta Water District is working on the second update to the Water Supply and Water Conservation Management Plan. This update seeks to improve efficiencies in the commercial sector as well as take the next steps in residential education and outreach programs. The plan is due to be completed by June 2017.


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