Where Are They Now?

Where has our Southface family landed, and what lessons have they carried with them on their journey to create a brighter, more sustainable future? Here, we have a Q&A with Kevin Thompson, a former intern and staff member.

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How long did you work at Southface?
Three years, three months

What brought you to Southface?
A growing interest in sustainability and an internship program that would allow me to explore my career interests within this broad arena.

What was your position(s) at Southface?
I held several positions including: Intern, Fellow, Green Building Services Associate, and Green Building Services Project Manager.

What did you enjoy most about your time here?
Oh gosh, there is so much to highlight here. I can talk for hours about working to advance such an amazing mission of sustainability within the built environment. I can also talk about the extraordinary advocacy and training work for lasting impacts on industry professionals. Perhaps the most enjoyable experience was the ability to work alongside such a dynamic, diverse, passionate, friendly and committed group of individuals. I’m happy to be part of the Southface Family.

What is the biggest lesson that you learned at Southface that you carry with you still?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned that I still carry with me is simply the lasting impacts that can be made by taking the time to thoroughly explain and educate people on sustainable practices. Showing and educating is key in creating environmental stewards.

Can you describe the path your career has taken since you finished your internship at Southface?
After my internship ended, I continued on as a Fellow with the Residential Green Building Services team on the LEED for Homes Program. After my fellowship ended, I continued on as an Associate and Project Manager for LEED for Homes. My career path flourished after my internship at Southface, and I attribute this upward trajectory to the hard work and support I gained during my time at Southface.

Where do you work now and what is your current position?
After leaving Southface, I went on to my current position as an energy efficiency consultant with ICF International. Every day I apply the skills and invaluable lessons I learned during my time at Southface.

Can you describe how Dennis and Southface broadened your worldview and your approach to infrastructure?
Dennis Creech and his leadership of such an amazing organization such as Southface has truly broadened my worldview of the very basic and essential concept of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Prior to my time at Southface I did not consider myself to be an environmental steward. However, Southface fosters a rich culture of responsibility that has not only taught me life lessons but has also empowered me to advocate, lead and train others to be responsible stewards of the environment.

I have since went on to grow my career by earning a Master of Environmental Management Degree from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

I am so grateful for the life changing experiences and the everlasting relationships that were developed at 241 Pine St. Atlanta, GA.


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