Energy Efficiency For All

Energy Efficiency for All (EFFA) is a national program working in a dozen states, dedicated to linking the energy and housing sectors together in order to tap the benefits of energy efficiency for millions of low-income families.

The EEFA Georgia partnership, consisting of Enterprise Community Partners, GreenLaw, Partnership for Southern Equity and Southface, has proposed a multifamily affordable housing retrofit program (MFAHRP) to Georgia Power to promote energy efficiency improvements in nearly 400,000 existing low-income multifamily housing units. The MFAHRP would be an entirely new energy efficiency incentive program. The MFAHRP provides financial incentives for implementing eligible energy-efficiency measures in qualifying multifamily family affordable housing units. In addition to the financial incentives offered, the program includes customer education and awareness campaigns.

[twocol_one]Highlights of the proposed MFAHRP include:

  • One-stop shop
    • Streamlined access to all available incentives
    • Relationship building and partnerships
    • Financing and expiring property subsidies timeline
    • Access to whole-building energy usage information
  • Strong emphasis on whole-house approach (comprehensive in-unit measures)
    • $1,500/unit at 25% energy savings target
  • Upfront audit payment
    • 100% of cost ($200/unit)
  • Interim payment
    • 50% energy savings measures installed and verified
  • Benchmarking
    • Whole-building energy usage

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