Composting contributes to a greener environment, and saves you the trouble of heavy trash bags and funky smells in your home. Thankfully, you don’t have to live on a farm or in a rural area to compost your food scraps. Compostwheels, a residential and commercial compost pickup service based in Atlanta, Ga, has made composting at home effortless, even if you live in an apartment.

Founded in 2012 by David Paull, the service seeks to reduce food waste and deliver nitrogen rich soil to local farms. Compostwheels makes it easy for residents and companies to compost in a city environment while creating sustainable footprints.

Composting consists of mixing nitrogen material and carbon material together in order to produce nutrient soil. When Compostwheels picks up food scraps from customers, the scraps get mixed with carbon in the form of saw dust and heats up to 160 degrees. After about four to six months, the mixture turns into dense, healthy soil that gets delivered to farms and community gardens around the city.

The process is simple. Compostwheels gives customers a bucket to put their food scraps in such as fruit peels, paper towels, coffee grinds and organic materials. Customers then leave their bucket on their doorstep to be emptied by Compostwheels. It’s hassle-free service because you don’t have turn your own compost piles or find carbon material to add to it. When the compost has turned into soil, Compostwheels delivers the soil back to customers or local farms and gardens.

Compostwheels works with the following farms and gardens to compost approximately 288,000lbs of food waste annually, which then gets used to grow 75,000lbs of fresh produce annually:
• Atlanta Harvest
• Love is Love Farm
• Freewheel Farm
• King of Crops
• Piedmont Park Education Garden
• Aluma Farm

Compostwheels services Midtown, Decatur, Grant Park, Inman Park, East Lake, East Atlanta Village and other nearby cities. There are more than 750 residents composting with the help of Compostwheels. There are also 35 restaurants and a few schools taking advantage of the service.

Since 2012, Compostwheels has grown 75 percent on a yearly basis. The business is continuing to grow, and is working on building the necessary infrastructure to handle more customers. For more information about Compostwheels, visit


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