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We All Play a Part in Community Health

Father and daughter washing hands in kitchen sink

A viral pandemic makes our connections clear, yet the same intertwined network is always part of our community health, though seen (or unseen) in different ways. We hope you find insightful context in this republished summary of our April 2019 Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable panel, featuring local experts speaking on “Healthy Homes, Health Families” and the broad vision of what is needed to improve the health of every member of the community, especially the underserved.

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Lessons from Sustainability Veterans

Sustainability Veterans advising how to a career within sustainability

Deep listening, selfless systems thinking and resourcefulness are among the list of important attributes to possess for someone who wants to move up in their sustainability career, according to sustainability veterans. These professionals have held leadership roles in the world of corporate sustainability, and they are brainstorming ways and passing along lessons to help the next generation of sustainability leaders be successful.

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Microgrids Ensure a Resilient Future

Lightning storms can cause power outages without a microgrid

As natural disasters become more common and destructive, the electric grid will continue to fail and power outages will become a frequent occurrence. Installing microgrids can strengthen the grid at large and prevent power interruptions. Find out about how microgrids distribute energy resources and are able to be both be grid-tied and break from the main grid in times of crisis.

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How Do We Build a More Regenerative Southeast?
The June 3-4 Greenprints Conference offers a panorama of the latest in green building science

Greenprints Conference June 3-4, 2020

In a quickly urbanizing world, our cities are increasingly the center of all things—economic development, housing and jobs. Within these cities, our existing buildings are aging fast, and sustainable and high-performance practices for new construction are struggling to proliferate fast enough to keep pace with the degrading building inventory that is producing more than 40% of all carbon emissions, causing direct health problems for many, while contributing to a warming planet for all.

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Linear to Circular Economy: Who’s Responsible?

Tree coming through circular staircase

When consumers choose products and services that aim to eliminate waste and encourage the continual use and reuse of resources, they are encouraging a more circular economy. In fact, consumer choices are the biggest driving force behind growing industry shifts from linear to circular models. To appeal to customers, the government and employee demands, most industries are evolving to incorporate circularity in the product itself, its production and consumption.

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New Report Provides Pathway to Cut Carbon by 60%

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

A new report, Sector Coupling in Europe: Powering Decarbonization, reveals that if the transportation, building and industry sectors all electrified at the same time, they could cut their carbon emissions by 60% over the next three decades. The report recommends different approaches to electrification, while considering the extent of clean energy policies implemented by the government.

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More Sustainable Business Models: What Are B Corporations?

Creative young business people at a B Corporation

There is a growing trend among businesses seeking to underscore their support of sustainable practices to become B-Corps, a designation that emphasizes a balance of profit and purpose. Certified B-corporations are required to include their employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment in their actions. The certification is not easy to achieve, but consumers are influencing how companies think about their larger impact, not just their earnings.

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