Big Ladder Workshops Come to Southface

Have you ever wanted to truly understand how to use EnergyPlus at the next level?

Have you been using OpenStudio or another GUI and had the need to peek under the hood to debug a problem or implement a measure or workaround? In this workshop series, Big Ladder Software starts with a two-day EnergyPlus for Practitioners workshop focusing on the needs of the energy modeling practitioner to quickly get you up to speed and highly productive with EnergyPlus. The OpenStudio Launch Pad workshop covers the major features and capabilities of the OpenStudio interface. Finally, the Advanced OpenStudio workshop covers advanced modeling topics.

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Learn from a team of energy modelers and programmers with many years of experience providing support, training, and software tools for EnergyPlus. They’re part of the EnergyPlus Development Team and have created their own unique philosophy for EnergyPlus training:

  • Learn EnergyPlus from the ground up.
  • Hands-on exercises are essential.
  • Mental models make it easier to learn.
  • Teach you how to teach yourself.
  • Continue to be there for you after the workshop ends.

EnergyPlus offers the state of the art in modeling capabilities with unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Unfortunately, the trade off is that EnergyPlus is complicated engineering software and it’s difficult to learn, but with this talented team of individuals, you’ll learn from the best.


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