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Georgia Tech’s Living Building Reaches Milestone

The Living Building at Georgia Tech has reached a major milestone, with the approval of the schematic design. Approved by Georgia Tech’s Planning and Design Commission in December, the schematic design essentially provides a working blueprint for what is anticipated to be the most environmentally advanced research and educational building ever constructed in the Southeast.

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Meet a Southfacer (Again): Jenna Grygier

Back in 2014, when she was a project manager on the Residential team, Jenna Grygier was kind enough to tell us a little about her interests. Today, we revisited Jenna after her life-changing experience on a full through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. You can find her first ‘Meet a Southfacer’ on the journal here. What…

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Southface Refresh: Spotlight on Bosch Appliances

Appliances consume an extraordinary amount of energy. As a demonstration facility, Southface wanted the campus to showcase best-in-class, high efficiency products and our relationship with Bosch allowed us to do just that when we were ready for the campus refresh.

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Southface Refresh: Spotlight on ROMA Paints

ROMA paint helped transform our once dull reception area to a livelier space that leaves guests with the impression we want them to have of Southface. Learn how ROMA is making a name for themselves in the paint industry by looking back in order to move forward.

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Southface Refresh: Interface Human Nature Collection

The carpet chosen for the Home Depot Foundation Training Center comes from another line of beautifully designed carpets – the Human Nature Collection. The design for the room starts out with a pebbled surface and then gradually transitions into a smoother texture – just as one would find in nature standing on a river’s edge.

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