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Earth Day 2019: Past, Present and Future

Since 1970, billions of people around the world have celebrated Earth Day—that day of the year that reminds us to practice conservation and work for environmental sustainability. And every year, the impact of Earth Day compounds: More trees are planted, more petitions are signed and more communities learn how to implement eco-friendly actions and policies…

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The Impact of Green Affordable Housing

We’ve updated and reposted this 2016 article to further the exchange happening this week for the 100 Great Ideas campaign, in which Atlanta community actors of all kinds are joining together to brainstorm ways to improve the city’s housing equity. Atlanta loses 1,500 affordable homes each year, and housing costs have increased by 48 percent since 2010. Join the conversation and share your ideas on the campaign’s Facebook page from April 8-12.

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7 Changes to Make Your Home Healthier

7 Changes to Make Your Home Healthier Your home should be your sanctuary—an inviting place where you can rest, rejuvenate and heal from life’s daily stressors. But creating your haven takes more than investing in trendy decorations and a security system. It also means getting serious about what you allow (and don’t allow) inside your…

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7 Spring Resolutions for a More Sustainable Home

7 Spring Resolutions for a More Sustainable Home As people strive to become more environmentally conscious, the best place they can start is their own front door. According to statistics, we spend more than 90 percent of our time indoors¹ and the largest percentage of that is at home, so taking steps to make your…

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Smart Technology for a More Sustainable Home

Smart Technology for a More Sustainable Home Recycling, taking quick showers, using LED light bulbs—there are plenty of easy, effective ways to live green. But these days, new technology is taking sustainable living a step further. For example, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), or device networks that gather and exchange data on human interaction with…

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Be the Gatekeeper of Your Home’s Health

Be the Gatekeeper of Your Home’s Health You eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. When it comes to staying healthy, that covers it, right? Not so fast. You may be neglecting one major piece of the well-being puzzle: home health. Keeping a healthy home means creating an environment that limits exposure to…

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Healthy Homes, Healthy Families

Healthy Homes, Healthy Families The EPA estimates that between work, home and school, we spend about 90% of our time indoors.¹ Couple that statistic with studies that show indoor air quality in any one of those places can be significantly worse than outdoor air and can expose people and animals to a spectrum of other…

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