A Day of Consumption

This article originally appeared on the SaportaReport in November, 2015.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. For this annual feast, more energy is used for cooking in households than on any other day of the year. On an average day, cooking can account for 4.5 percent of total energy use. Combine that with related refrigeration, hot water heating and dishwashing, and this could reach 15 percent of the energy in the average American home (1). However, on Thanksgiving the cooking starts early and kitchen appliances are used at full tilt – not to mention the additional energy consumption from entertaining and keeping homes warm. electric-range

When looking at the bigger picture, collectively our energy use in homes may be a wash since many homes are empty due to folks having their Thanksgiving feast away with friends and family. Make sure to set the thermostat back if leaving home. Those homes hosting with ovens blazing from morning till evening delivering that special meal are not exempt – their energy use will spike.

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