The 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP

Green Building

The 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP took place from Sep 1 through Nov 30, 2016. The competition was a chance for more than 800 buildings to cut back on energy and water usage. Competing teams tracked their buildings’ performance using the ENERGY STAR PORTFOLIO MANAGER in order to increase monthly savings. Two NEWE Initiative program participants, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota and East Texas Food Bank, and Premier Academy, a Grants to Green recipient, all placed top in their respective categories. 28 Southface teams reduced their energy and water costs by more than $35,937 in 2016.
Premier Academy was recognized for being the top water saver in the preschool/childcare category, East Atlanta Food Bank was recognized for being the top water saver amongst distribution centers, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Central Minnesota earned top in the preschool/childcare category for total amount of energy savings.
Frazer Center, a Grants to Green participant, saved more than $4,000 in energy costs savings.
“Our savings allow us to provide additional needs-based scholarships for children with special needs to attend our inclusive early education program,” said….
The Ballethnic Dance Company, another Grants to Green participant, cut back on water usage. The money saved during the 3 month completion permitted the dance company to increase programming that enhances cultural diversity. They were able to implement free cultural performances both in school and at the East Point Studio location.

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