From Andrea’s Desk – Our Statement on Hurricane Ida

On behalf of all of us at Southface Institute, I would like to offer our deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones, suffered property damage, and are still experiencing power outages and lack of access to resources and services they need because of Hurricane Ida. Our hearts especially go out to those who feel the environmental impacts more acutely and recover more slowly because of entrenched housing and health inequities. We recognize …

Creating a Regenerative South

Just as the upheaval of this year’s pandemic and social unrest is reshaping so much of our social and civic life, it also set the tone for Southface Institute’s 2020 Greenprints conference, which took place for the first time completely online August 6. A gathering of architects, engineers, developers, academics and top sustainability professionals, from …

The Powerful Opportunities for Women in Sustainability

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As I walked into my freshman Chemical Engineering 210 class, I was one of a handful of young women; in fact, our numbers were in the single digits in a class of hundreds. But that was to be expected in the early 1990s, where, according to the US Census Bureau in 1990, only 12% of the engineering workforce was female.

Andrea Pinabell to Deliver Opening Keynote at Next South Conference

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Over the first few months of 2017, Southface’s new President, Andrea Pinabell, has been touring Southface’s sustainability networks to get to know the partners, thought leaders and funders we work with every day to deliver our mission and pursue our vision. For many years, Georgia Conservancy, the 50 year-old conservation nonprofit dedicated to protecting and …