Southface Trainings in the Virgin Islands


In June, our own Steve Herzlieb traveled down to the US Virgin Islands to deliver some training at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Here’s Steve doing hands on energy monitoring with the students. Connecting with the Virgin Islands Energy Office, Steve introduced students to energy audit techniques, home performance assessments and more.

Students meter the electricity consumption of appliances during an energy audit of a Virgin Islands home.

Students even took the challenging Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Science Principles exam online!

Students work through an online BPI exam.

Steve’s students discovered major opportunities for efficiency in some of the houses they visited.

Students performing an energy audit in a Virgin Islands home.

In this one, the class discovered a malfunctioning toilet, which was wasting water at a rate of approximately 2,160 gallons of water a day or 788,400 gallons per year.

Steve lecturing in a classroom provided by the University of the Virgin Islands.

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