Shirley Hughes

Sweet Cheats was created by a National Level Figure Competitor, Shirley Hughes, along with her husband Robert Tubbs and with the help of many friends and family.  During her 3 years spent training for her NPC competitions, Shirley was only allowed to eat certain foods and wasn’t always able to have what she was craving.
She began taking notes on these cravings, and turning them into little treats for herself when her strenuous dieting for each competition was over.   While in training, one “cheat” meal was allowed per week, and hers were usually sweet concoctions.  She then decided on a whim to turn her favorite treats into cupcakes not only for herself but for fellow teammates, the RocStarzz, as personal gifts.  From there, requests started coming in and the demand was on.  It was an instant success!
As you can see (and taste!), the “Sweet Cheats” name comes directly from Shirley’s competition background.  Shirley still promotes health and wellness and is still very active in the gym, but makes sure that if you are going to spend your cheat calories on one of her desserts, it’s going to be worth it!