Chef Aaron

Creator and visionary of the sought-after successful catering company, AARON’S CATERING, Chef David Aaron has been named “The People Who Make Miami” by Ocean Drive, “The Top 20 Industry Leaders Under 40” and named as “The 68 Most Innovative People “In the United States.” Chef David Aaron is from Miami and Colombian by blood. He is known for being an innovator, creator and perfectionist. His obsession with this industry or for the search of that perfectly balanced plate of food and cocktail. He has led and advised to open more than 35 food and beverage operations in Colombia, Peru, and the United States, including restaurants, mixology programs, food trucks, hotels and food and beverage operations. Owner of innovative places recognized for creating new trends in the industry and for their recognized awards: Huerta Coctelería Artesanal – 2016 “Best new bar in Colombia” , 2018 “Best bar in Bogotá” and “Best Signature Cocktails in Colombia ” , 2019″ Best Bar in Bogotá “and 2020” Best Liquor Bar in Bogotá “at Premios La Barra (Colombia) and Oak Restaurant with a nomination for Premios La Barra 2019 as “Best New Casual Restaurant” in Bogotá and “Best Casual Restaurant” in 2021. Chef David Aaron now embarks to take Latin Fresh to a national well-known brand alongside father Jay Aaron and partner Juanita Mesa.