Southface Stands in Solidarity Against Racism


I am heartbroken by the recent tragic deaths of George Floyd and, closer to home, Ahmaud Arbery, losses that add to incalculable others and underscore a structure of racism in America. As we stand alongside those making their voices heard through leadership and peaceful protests, I feel the gravity of the work to help create equity and equality across our communities more powerfully than ever.

The importance of striving for a regenerative future that gives back more than it uses, improving conditions for our planet, its people and their prosperity, is put in stark reflection in a moment where inclusion for everyone feels hard to reach. But as a part of the greater Atlanta community and the global effort to build a tomorrow that is healthier and more equitable in every respect than it is today—from the built environment to the relationships within and around it—we know that standing together is what will move us all forward.

In the turmoil that we are all living through, from COVID-19 losses to these outrages of racism, the one thing we can count on is each other and the capacity for good we all have. Making things better for the future is a plan we can all be a part of. Southface is here to join in that effort.

Our community is one of strength, resilience and vision, and we look forward to the opportunities to come together, support each other and help all our cities become places of equity and opportunity. We all know there is much work to be done; that’s not news. But we can use this crossroads to redouble our efforts and gain speed toward that better tomorrow.

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