Southface Acquires JUST Label

About Us

For nearly four decades, Southface has positioned itself to be a best in class nonprofit organization, committed to both mission-driven work and support for the well-being of employees, partners and the communities in which we work. Southface has been deeply committed to social equity and justice, recognizing the essential nature of these considerations in truly sustainable solutions. In an effort to demonstrate this commitment, Southface has entered an innovative transparency platform, the JUST program, administered by the International Living Futures Institute. JUST is a new approach to understanding organizational practices supporting employee and community health, safety, happiness and more. The program is a revolutionary step in corporate transparency, illuminating current practices that affect people in all aspects of a business model. The label is a living documentation program and will change over time, recognizing growing excellence and holding organizations accountable for changes to policy and practices moving forward.

Southface's JUST label demonstrates its commitment to transparency and social justice.

Under the JUST approach, Southface documented and measured current organizational policies regarding social equity against a standardized ideal. As a living label, the program also gives us the opportunity to make improvements to our own best practices. The public nature of the label provides a platform for supporters, community members and staff alike to begin a dialogue about the social impact of Southface’s work and governance. The label pushes Southface to pursue equity in everything from its investment portfolio to purchasing policies and transparency of governance.

In sum, the label reinforces the integral link between social justice and environmental work. Sustainability is rooted in a tradition of considering equity, environment and economy. Southface has long been proud to offer services to improve the livelihoods of all members of the communities we serve, from commercial building owners to low-income home renters. Southface is refining our metrics around the two categories currently without a score to further align with the requirements of the JUST program as we enhance our pursuit of best in class talent development. This ongoing adaptation of our policies is a perfect example of how the label affords Southface the opportunity to display commitment to equity while recognizing that the Southface staff makes the organization what it is today. Southface is the only nonprofit organization in Georgia participating in this voluntary disclosure program.

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