Boys & Girls Clubs Come to the Rescue of First Responders

Green Building

Always on the frontline of communities in need, nonprofits are now struggling more than ever to provide for those who depend on them, with competition for donation dollars fierce in the COVID-19 environment. Even so, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, a grantee of Southface’s GoodUse program, immediately saw the need and partnered with other organizations to help first responders and their families by providing urgently needed childcare in the wake of school and daycare closures. Southface Institute …

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Creating a Sustainable Future

Renewable Energy

The future of the global economy remains uncertain due to COVID-19, and like many other industries, the energy sector has been hit hard. As governments refocus on reviving the economy, IRENA just published its first Global Renewables Outlook which draws a connection to advancing renewable-based energy with boosting the economy. By making the energy transition part of the overall recovery, governments can make strides in creating a more resilient future.

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Is Development Without Displacement Possible?


Challenges like gentrification and rising housing prices have long troubled large cities like Atlanta and created significant inequalities in our communities. Development pressure threatens long-standing communities within those cities, their cultural character and access to affordable housing.

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COVID-19 Proves That the Economy Can Adapt to Climate Change

Climate Change

Harvard economist, Rebecca Henderson, has spent the last 15 years encouraging companies to prepare for climate change. The coronavirus pandemic is proof that if there is a natural threat to the economy, organizations can change the way they operate. Henderson emphasizes that businesses need to apply the same methods of response to tackle climate change.

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Become a Sustainability Star!


Happy Earth Day from Southface Institute! Kids and adults can work together to secure our planet’s future by taking small steps each day to preserve our natural resources. Take these steps at home with your family, print it out for the refrigerator and email to friends!


Test Your Home Health Smarts

Building Health

Think you know everything about keeping a healthy home? Prove it! Take the quiz and see if you can spot the facts from the fiction when it comes to maintaining a clean and safe living space.

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COVID-19 Gives the Healthcare Industry a Needed Push to Go Circular

Regenerative Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a manufacturing and supply chain shortage for hospitals and clinics across the nation. With an immediate need for circularity in the healthcare industry, many companies, research centers and medical centers are creating equipment, medical supplies and other PPE supplies that can be reused.

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Cloud Providers Continue to Improve Energy Efficiency during COVID-19

Green Technology
Renewable Energy

As “shelter in place” orders have been made to control the spread of COVID-19, the world’s data centers and internet infrastructure are experiencing a rise in usage. This is because people are spending all their time at home using videoconferencing, collaboration software and other streaming services.

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7 Steps to Better Indoor Air Quality During the COVID-19 Crisis

Building Health

Your home should be your sanctuary—an inviting place where you can rest, rejuvenate and heal from life’s daily stressors. These days, it is where you may be spending most of your waking hours, trying to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. But creating a haven takes more than investing in trendy decorations and a security system. It also means getting serious about what you allow (and don’t allow) inside your home and saying “no” to harmful pollutants …

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