In 2018, GoodUse celebrated 10 wonderful years of water and energy savings for nonprofits, building capacity for more mission-driven work. With input from a diverse set of Advisory Committee leaders, GoodUse has generated over $10 million in nonprofit utility savings. The program’s success with metro Atlanta nonprofits has inspired Southface to adapt and expand GoodUse to service nonprofits in other regions.

Milestones/ Benchmarks

  1. 2008

    Initiated in partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and Southface Energy Institute, The Kendeda Fund funded the creation and implementation of Grants to Green, the prelude to the newly designed GoodUse Program. It has been funded in three increments: core, campus, replication. The core component concentrates on single buildings and was the original initiative. It has served more than 200 different nonprofit organizations to date, providing the base of knowledge and experience for campus and replication extensions.

  2. 2013

    GoodUse added funding for campuses with multiple facilities. This includes an initiative that was launched to encourage the spread of GoodUse to other parts of the country. GoodUse has also inspired other funders to support versions of the program for specific nonprofit sectors and national programs.

  3. 2014-2017

    11 organizations have participated in the campus program, receiving grants in excess of $3.5 million with cumulative utility savings of $757,000.

  4. 2016

    Green Champion meetings have occurred in conjunction with Southface’s annual Greenprints Forum, a prestigious conference of policy makers, professionals in green building fields, academics, manufacturers and industry leaders. The effect has been to further raise the profile of GoodUse and spread awareness with thought leaders of its impressive results.

  5. 2018

    After 10 years of service, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta transitioned the Grants to Green program to Southface Institute. The Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Kendeda Fund and Southface, built a strong legacy through this program, with over 200 nonprofits making energy and water upgrades totaling over $10 million in utilities savings over the last decade. View the 10 year report here. 

  6. 2018-present

    Southface will build on the amazing legacy of Grants to Green, continuing to grow and support nonprofits and communities with this inspirational work. In its new home, the program continues with the same services and impacts but with a brand-new name: GoodUse Grants.

  7. 2019

    More than 200 nonprofits have benefited from increased knowledge about energy and water conservation and have increased the number of more than 200 individuals as Green Champions in the greater Atlanta region.

Program Process

With a focus on energy and water, Southface partners with nonprofits to identify areas where cost savings can occur.

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$10 million in cumulative utility savings for all grantees.

Application & Survey

Interested nonprofits must complete the eligibility survey and application in order to be considered for the program.

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"It elevated the desire to be an environmental steward and made you feel like there was someone arming you with the tools you needed to go further.”
Aishah Pacheco

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