Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

Last year, buildings used roughly 40 percent of the energy in the U.S. economy at a cost of over $400 billion. Through a variety of efficiency improvements and proven approaches, we can make these buildings more energy efficient and better places to live and work while creating jobs and building a stronger economy.


"We feel that the marriage of technology and sustainability is the fiscally and environmentally responsible course for both our community and our customers. Our participation in the ABBC allows us to share our accomplishments as well as learn from the innovation of others."

- Marie Worsham, General Manager, Hines
1180 Peachtree

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC) is a free voluntary initiative that challenges building stakeholders to demonstrate cost-effective strategies for reducing building energy and water consumption, with the goal of reducing energy consumption and water consumption by 20 percent by 2020. Program participants can benefit from reduced utility costs, fewer maintenance calls, improved tenant retention and public recognition. Through conservation measures like lighting retrofits and HVAC upgrades, business for local service providers and installers are created - boosting the local economy as well as providing sales revenue to distributors and manufacturers of efficient products. Since 2011, the ABBC Program has created or sustained approximately 273 jobs. 

Building Participants commit to:

  • Reduce energy and water by 20 percent by 2020
  • Track utility consumption, benchmark building performance and report progress
  • Document planned or recently implemented projects and results
  • Share strategies used to achieve energy and water goals

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge provides free:

  • Guidance and resources dedicated to the achievement of 20 percent reduction goals
  • Technical assistance to facilitate utility tracking and benchmarking using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®
  • Events, education and training for best practices in water and energy efficiency
  • National and local recognition for participants
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The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge Exceeds Goal

This article by Southface staffer, Joe Winslow, celebrates the Atlanta Better Building Challenge’s (ABBC) achievement in exceeding its goal to reduce energy and water consumption by 2020 and doing so way ahead of schedule.

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Southface Assists in First Water Efficiency Standards for U.S. Buildings
Alongside national partners, Southface Institute creates groundbreaking water auditing tool

May 31 saw the release of Water Audit Guidance for Commercial Buildings, a multiyear effort by City Energy Project, headed by the Institute for Market Transformation and the Natural Resources Defense Council, together with Southface Institute, H.W. (Bill) Hoffman & Associates, LLC, the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (and partners) and 20 local governments, to create the first comprehensive guide to propose water efficiency measures for commercial buildings.

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Building Sustainable Cities

Bright lights and soaring towers make up Atlanta’s iconic skyline, but also represent an opportunity to tackle one of the planet’s most pressing issues: energy and water consumption. According to the Department of Energy, about 20 percent of the energy used in the U.S. goes to power commercial buildings, and the Environmental Protection Agency reports that the commercial and institutional sector is the second-largest consumer of publicly-supplied water in the country, representing 17 percent of withdrawals from the public supply.

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