Multiple Fan Blower Door Testing Toolkit

The toolkit was created by Southface through the Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. Intended to be used as a supplement to The Energy Conservatory and Camroden Associate’s Blower Door Applications Guide: Beyond Single Family Residential, the toolkit contains a field guide, data collection forms, test sheet, sign template and report template, and was created to allow existing industry professionals (such as HERS Raters) to quickly incorporate diagnostic testing of small commercial buildings into their service offerings.

The blower door field guide provides a template for planning the blower door test including equipment and staffing needs, and blower door placement. It also provides a template for recording air leakage identified during the test. This document is used for team orientation and to ensure all equipment arrives on site and is returned to the appropriate location after the test is complete.

The building data collection forms provide a template for collecting building-specific information including client goals and concerns, on-site take-offs, mechanical equipment information and building envelope information. These forms are used to ensure all appropriate information is collected while on site and to avoid subsequent trips for data collection.

The building air leakage testing sheet provides a step-by-step overview of the tests to be performed with short-hand notes regarding test configurations. The testing procedure is based on USACE with additions based on preferred testing procedures. This is used to keep all team members on the same page as the testing is performed. While all of the results are recorded in the software file, it useful to write some down while testing for quick analysis and easy identification of potential errors in the testing procedures.

The blower door sign template provides typical instructional signs needed when performing a multiple fan blower door test. The number of signs and language necessary on the signs should be dictated by the lead tester as part of their field preparation.

The blower door test report template provides sample formatting for an air leakage test report.

All of the templates are in simple formats so that you may customize them to meet your team’s needs. If you do come across a locked cell or sheet, simply unlock it as no passwords are applied in these documents.



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