Implementing energy and water efficiency initiatives can not only be expensive financially, but they may also be projects that require substantial design and planning, strategic implementation to minimize disruption to operations, and some have more complex payback scenarios or include all of these factors. These may be considered as capital expenditures by many organizations. Some examples include facility wide lighting, plumbing, and water-heating retrofits, major HVAC retrofits or introduction of enhanced equipment like energy recovery ventilators or dedicated outdoor air systems.

Space planning changes, such as converting to open office configurations, are massive undertakings and can be highly disruptive but offer substantial opportunities in resource efficiency and occupant well being. Installing and monitoring sensors and sub-meters can produce very valuable performance information but can be expensive. Imagine trying to install sub-meters on an entire campus of buildings, and you can understand how complicated this type of effort will quickly becomes.

Implementing some of these strategies in your own facilities will impact budget, operations, morale and the opportunity to improve human and building performance.

The EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) high performance building certification created a research-driven prescriptive pathway to 40 percent energy savings compared to ASHRAE 90.1-2007 called, the DEEP ENERGY Package.

In order to meet this goal, projects must fulfill ECLC v2.0 minimum program requirements, the minimum 100 point certification threshold and fulfill 15 design, construction and/or operation prescriptive measures. This prescriptive pathway is focused on cost-effective approaches for meeting or exceeding Architecture 2030 60 percent Challenge targets for new construction small commercial buildings.

The EarthCraft Light Commercial Program is composed of 10 categories;

  1. Sustainable Planning & Development
  2. Construction Waste Management
  3. Resource Efficiency
  4. Durability & Water Management
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality
  6. High Performance Building Envelope
  7. Energy Efficient Systems
  8. Water Efficiency
  9. Education & Operations
  10. Innovation.

The DEEP ENERGY Package is imbedded within five of these categories: Indoor Environmental Quality, High Performance Building Envelope, Energy Efficient Systems, Water Efficiency and Education & Operations.




Energy and Water Implementation Verification checklist


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