The toolkit was developed by Southface through the Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. The toolkit is a supplemental resource to ASHRAE Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits, Second Edition, and is intended to be used by industry professionals when identifying energy and water efficiency upgrade measures in small commercial buildingsIt is strongly recommended that all users read the ASHRAE guide prior to using this toolkit.

Targeted toolkit users include facility managers, engineers, HERS Raters, BPI Building Analysts, Home Energy Professional Energy Auditors, ASHRAE Building Energy Assessment Professionals, college students and other individuals with a foundation in building science, building-as-a-system evaluation and basic engineering principles.

The toolkit contains assessment procedures, a spreadsheet workbook for data collection and analysis, a report template, a presentation template and a project implementation verification checklist template.

Procedures for Small Commercial Energy and Water Assessments provides detailed guidance for each step of the assessment process: pre-assessment, site visit, post-assessment data download, analysis, deliverables and closeout. It also provides example templates for client communications, utility bill review guidance, a list of assessment measuring and monitoring tools, and helpful tips on making the best use of your time on site. At Southface this document is used for team orientation to ensure all assessors are consistent in their assessment delivery services.

Small Commercial Energy and Water Assessment Workbook provides a template for collecting data in the field, analyzing utility bills, and conducting analysis for lighting and plumbing projects. The field data collection forms are designed to be used on a tablet or to be printed for manual entry. The workbook is not locked, allowing all users to view and modify calculations and assumptions. For accurate results, it is imperative that you understand and double check the workbook calculations. The workbook is intended to be used in conjunction with other project analysis tools such as the ENERGY STAR® Commercial Appliance calculator and Southface HVAC calculator. At Southface, the workbook is used for training junior assessors and ensuring all assessors evaluate efficiency projects using multiple calculation methods.

Small Commercial Energy and Water Assessment Report Template provides content, structure and formatting guidance for a client assessment report. While the report template contains excerpts from actual reports, it is not a sample report and does not represent an actual building. By using word processing formatting features, you can increase the reporting template functionality for auto filling specific fields and save even more time on future reports. We have limited the use of such tools at this time due to the variability in user knowledge and software versions. At Southface, the report template is used to ensure branding and reporting consistency across all assessment reports.

Presentation Template provides an example slide deck for presenting assessment findings to the client. As client goals and level of engagement in the engineering details of assessments will vary, the presentation template is kept simple and provides a very high-level overview of findings. At Southface, the presentation template is used to ensure branding and reporting consistency across all assessment presentations.

We have intentionally kept all of the templates in simple formats so that you may customize them to meet your team’s needs. If you do come across a locked cell or sheet, simply unlock it as no passwords are applied in these documents.

There are many additional resources available to assist your energy and water assessment services. The Appendix to this Introduction contains a list of resources Southface uses regularly when conducting energy and water assessments and completing engineering calculations.


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