Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative

Advanced Commercial Building Initiative

The Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative (ACBI) has developed simple, affordable protocols for design, energy assessments and data collection, analysis and feedback systems in a research-driven approach to broad adoption of deep energy packages for commercial buildings under 50,000 square feet. Computational models are used to assess the impact of third-party verification and certification on achieved energy savings. One outcome was the development of the DEEP ENERGY Package for the EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) high performance building certification that is designed to provide a research-driven prescriptive pathway to 40 percent energy savings compared to code built buildings.

The ACBI approach is in formatted in the following four processes, they are: MEASURING, ASSESSING, IMPLEMENTING and NEXT STEPS. The introductory section has a tutorial that is an overview of these processes and provides direction for utilizing the toolkits and calculators. Case studies, factsheets, worksheets, guides and related resource links are included in the process sections to illustrate these processes.


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Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative is designed for industry professionals to help MEASURE, ASSESS, IMPLEMENT energy & water efficiency measures in small commercial buildings. The overview video will help guide building owners through these processes.

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This toolkit was created to allow existing industry professionals (such as HERS Raters) to quickly incorporate diagnostic testing of small commercial buildings into their service offerings.

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The toolkit was developed by Southface through the Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative and is intended to be used by industry professionals when identifying energy and water efficiency upgrade measures in small commercial buildings.

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Programs such as EarthCraft Light Commercial are developing DEEP Energy packages to push the envelope in realized energy and water savings.

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Monitor, program creation, consumption driving reports, client reports, IAQ study

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