Will Collier

Project Manager, Advocacy (GA)

Will Collier is an interdisciplinary environmental researcher and educator with expertise in environmental justice, mixed-methods research, climate change, and political ecology. At Southface, he is a project manager for advocacy in Georgia and the southeastern U.S., where he leads work in regulatory engagement, coalition building, and the democratization of energy decision-making. Will holds an M.E.Sc. in social ecology from Yale University, an M.A. in geography from Clark University, and a B.S. in ecology from the University of Georgia, as well as certificates in diversity and inclusion and environmental ethics. He has conducted primary empirical research on three continents and served as a U.S. Fulbright researcher in Kenya. Will loves to cook, be outdoors, play music, and study relationships in equities and derivatives markets.

Relevant publications: Collier et al. 2009. Strengthening socioecological resilience through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Identifying gaps in an uncertain world. Environmental HazardsĀ (8): 171-186.